HISTOYE Tower Stacking Fun 007-118 Stacking Game

HISTOYE 007-118

BRAIN POWER BATTLE Stacking tower toy stimulates children's spatial thinking ability and hand-eye coordination ability, zenga game allowing children to think creatively and prolonging the game tactics. Montessori toys can also increase children's color discrimination ability and enrich children's creativity and imagination, cultivating brain thinking, table buillding games make children s childhood is full of wisdom. EXQUISITE DESIGN Suspend educational brain toys make mouse eats cheese fun design, unique sliding track toy, to ensure the balance of the cake, so that mouse Jerry can eat cheesecake. Balance building game toy with perfect packaging, to solve the placement problem for you. Tumbling cake game, it can solve your worries. THE BEST GIFT FOR KIDS : Stacking toy , fun puzzle game for children, the best holiday gift for the best children. Interactive stacking and tumbling game, the best childhood playmate for playing with friends and family. THE BEST PARENT-CHILD GAMES : Suspend stacking toy , children s puzzle games to participate in with parents and family, increase parent-child interaction, more companionship, and increase participation in the game, interactive stacking and tumbling game make children more love to think in the game, additive to family joy. THE MOST INTERESTING CHILDREN S PUZZLE GAME Suspend Stacking kids toy consists of 36 balls in 4 colors, stacking toy with sleek and exquisite multi-colored balls, more exquisite stickers and plate decorations, suspend game is the most interesting multiplayer mysterious game, and more parent-child interactive, a necessary stacking game educational toy for the tabletop group game gathering.

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HISTOYE 007-118 Specs

Model 007-118
Manf # 007-118
Age Group
Height 1.968503935"
Width 10.236220462"
Length 10.236220462"
  • 751498482105
  • 751498482105
Release Date